Got NetFlix? Head to Blockbuster

By Mir
February 15, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Blockbuster Total Access wants your business, and they want it bad. And you know, with President’s Day coming up, there’s two days (Sunday and Monday) when the mail won’t be running, when you—as a NetFlix customer—may be stuck at home with no new movies.

Or will you? If you have a local Blockbuster store, there’s no need to be sad and movieless:

From Feb. 15 through Feb. 21, including two days when post offices are closed, current NetFlix members can bring the tear-off address flaps of their NetFlix rental envelopes to any of the more than 5,000 participating U.S. Blockbuster stores. In exchange for every flap they present, they will receive an on-the-spot free movie rental.

So hang on to your flaps (okay, that didn’t sound quite right…) and get on over to Blockbuster. You could see a lot of free movies this weekend. I think Lincoln would approve.


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