Tons of bonus deals at Toys ‘R’ Us

By Mir
February 18, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Hey, I can’t find the key on my computer to do the backwards R….)

There are currently a ton of President’s Day deals at Toys ‘R’ Us if you’re in the mood to shop for the kidlets. Lots of Buy 1, Get 1 Free and Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free deals.

There’s too many to list, but my favorite is the B2G1 deal on Color Wonder stuff, because those are normally so expensive (but were my very favorite art product for the kids when they were still small and messy) and not only have the special deal, but free shipping right now!

Anyway, pretty much all of the hot brands are on one of these deals, so have a look. Need I point out that it’s not too early to start socking stuff away for next Christmas?

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  1. You could pop off the “r” key and flip it around if it makes you feel better.

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