Climb every mountain (fashionably)

By Mir
February 19, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s that time again: Eastern Mountain Sports is having their big Winter clearance sale. They’ve got just about everything to outfit you, from snowshoes to earmuffs, and plenty of sporting gear besides. I searched the site for quite a while and was unable to find the gear for my favorite Winter sport (oddly, they are selling neither fireplaces nor hot cocoa), but perhaps you’re a bit more adventuresome than I am. If so, check it out.


  1. LOL @ fireplaces and hot cocoa as a favorite Winter sport! Perhaps we could make it an Olympic event. Who can drink it the hottest? the fastest? drink the most? sip it the slowest? We could have several different divisions: without marshmallows for the rookies, and with the jumbo marshmallows for the seasoned veterans. Soy milk, whole milk, non-fat. Homemade varieties and packaged. The list goes on and on!

  2. Oh, sure, now you’ve got me singing from The Sound of Music. “Til…You…Find…Your…Dreeeeeeeeeeeam!”

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