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By Mir
February 20, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I hate cutesy names as much as the next person, and I’ll admit that I was plenty skeptical when I first came across Lands’ End’s “tugless tanks” in their swimwear. Over the years they’ve expanded into tugless tankinis and even tugless bikinis, but the principle remains the same: The sun don’t shine where the sun shouldn’t shine.

And if you’ve been reading me for more than five minutes you know that I’m an advocate of saving money wherever possible, so listen closely when I say this. There is no such thing as overpaying for a bathing suit if it fits you properly and holds up well. There, I said it. If you can get it on sale, that’s great. If you can’t, well, it’s still okay. There is no substitute for a bathing suit you can wear without embarrassment.

Maybe you’ve got a fun-in-the-sun vacation coming up. Maybe you’re already thinking ahead to summer. Either way, Lands’ End is having their Swimsuit Sale right now, which means it’s the right time to save up to 30% on one of those priceless suits.

No, they won’t make your cellulite vanish or tan that pasty white skin… but they will stay where they ought to and stand up to all the wear and tear you can dish out. (But if they come out with a cellulite-reducing version, I’m gonna be all over that.)


  1. I’m on my second Sport Tankini – they’re awesome! I had the first one for nearly five years before I noticed the shelf bra was losing it’s oomph. Otherwise, it still looks great.

    I have another style of tankini(not shown in the sale) that had a skort bottom. I like it even better because it has a soft cup bra – I think my girls look better in this suit.

    Definitely a worthwhile investment. AND you can return at Sears stores, so don’t forget to check the B&M stores for other people’s returns!

  2. Hey, other Nancy, I did not know that about the Sears stores! Great!

    I, too, have owned Land’s Ends suits in the past and they do indeed wear like iron. And fit well and great return policy. And, hey, the sale ain’t bad either 😉

  3. i need one with a “granny skirt” that goes down to mid-calf . . .

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