If you’ve gotta have your Docs

By Mir
February 22, 2007

Doc Martens has just opened up their official online store, and for a limited time you can use code NEW25 to take 25% off your purchase.

Check out the sale items to maximize your savings.

I’m incurably square, I guess, because I didn’t even realize they had anything other than scary-looking boots. Some of the shoes are really cute.


  1. Doctor Martens, Doctor Martens, Doctor Martens BOOTS!
    What show was that from? Something British…

  2. I love my doc marten shoes – they are the most comfortable pair of shoes that could possibly be worn with a pair of jeans and look good. LOVE THEM.

  3. now then, why couldn’t you find a deal like this on the Converse website??! sheesh. well, at least you’ve still got your looks ;P

  4. Laura – the colors and sizes are limited, but I got really cheap chucks for my kids on standardstyle.com, I paid $14 (and free shipping) for black and chocolate colored low-tops for both my kids.

  5. drat…that super sale they have going on has wiped all their inventory out, Jen! thanks a bunch though! (i’ve got my eye on a pair of the knee-high ones….but i’m too cheap to spend the already-marked-down $40 on em :P) oh, and fyi…Ross (that bargain clothing/whatever store) in my area often has chucks on super cheap sale…that’s where i got the only pair i’ve ever owned.

  6. Any magic for birkenstocks?

    I have wide feet and high arches. Does anyone have anything they fell in love with or recommend?


  7. Oh joy. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve owned their black knee high boots for half a year now and have never worn them. Am going to wear them tomorrow. Docs are lovely!

  8. How can you have a pair of knee high doc martens and forget about them? For shame, missy! 🙂

    :::skulks away envious:::

  9. i went to an invitation only Doc sale a few years ago and got 9 pairs of Docs for $20 each…. knee high boots, union jack boots, 2 pair mary jane style shoes (EVERY day wear in the winter…summer is pink converse =)), another pair of boots, 2 pair sandals, and something else i’ve never worn, and a pair of 3 hole shoes….i only wear Docs…they’re the bestest!

  10. Got my black Mary Janes last week– lovely lovely lovely! $33 for $90+ shoes. Pretty pretty pretty Mir!

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