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By Mir
February 22, 2007
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Some of you know that from time to time people contact me about their fabulous! new! product! in the hopes that I will plug it here on the site. Often it’s something that doesn’t appeal to me at all, and I politely decline.

Other times, it’s something that intrigues me, and then I say “Excellent! What’s in it for my readers?” And if the people who contacted me are smart, they come up with a nice little perk for you.

Well, the folks over at Nozin are smart, and not just because they figured out a portable, easy-to-apply germ barrier for the nose which is a proven virucidal agent. I don’t know that I’m quite dedicated enough to my health to use it every day, but they suggest using it when flying and I do seem to get sick almost every time I fly, so I’m in. They sent me some samples and after the kids and I fly next week I’ll let you know how we did, both with the flying and the swabbing of our nostrils with the Nozin. (I share because I care.)

Go read all about it, and if you decide to buy some, Want Not readers can get free shipping on any size order using coupon code ship4free123.

Frankly, I’ve never been so excited about sticking something in my nose before.

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  1. Ha! I’m getting ready to write about it, too, and, the name thing is the first thing I thought!

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