I almost didn’t notice it was Friday

By Mir
February 23, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

And I will spare you the gruesome details of why, but let’s just say that I am not well this morning. Although I am better than I was last night. And also that I am planning to never eat again. Let’s just leave it at that.

But! Time marches on, and whether or not I’ve forgotten how to quietly digest food, the Amazon Friday Sale marches bravely onward, oblivious to my difficulty. That jerk.

I’ve always wanted one of these. I mean, sure, it says it’s only for bikes. But I’m pretty sure my 7-year-old would fit on there. (“Young man, go to the ceiling!”)

This is a nice little bike pump for a great price, suitable as a filler item while striving for free Super Saver Shipping. Also, your bike tires are going to get flat, faster, on the floor, while your kid dangles from the lift, so….

I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m too old to wear these shoes for months. I’ve been looking at them forever; maybe it’s time to buy them.

As a worrywart kind of mother, I would never in a million years buy something like this. But I have to admit it’s pretty cool.

I can’t stop saying fruit scoops. Fruit scoops! Fruit scoops! (See also: zester!)

Fortunately, food is so repulsive to me right now, I don’t even want cookies.

Did you miss it last time? The blue full-spectrum light is on sale again. Awesome price on a product that provides sanity for some of us in the winter….

There’s more (isn’t there always more?), you’ll have to go look for yourselves. I need to go lie down and pray for death.


  1. You MUST buy those shoes! They are really cute. Plus, it will make you feel better!

  2. feel better!! and yes, buy the shoes!

  3. The Skechers! No, no, you are not too old. I bought some black ones and I’m …. nearing the “new 30,” let’s say. They are VEEEEEEERY comfortable. And that price is $15 less than what I paid.

  4. Mir, I had the stomach flu this week, too. Stay hydrated, and get lots of rest. The shoes are awesome, you must buy them!

  5. Feel better soon, Mir.

  6. Oh my gosh…I have those shoes (in chocolate brown and I LOVE them) and I didn’t even CONSIDER whether I was too old at–ahem–thirty-almost-eight.

  7. those shoes are great. i have a black version. love them.

  8. Love the shoes! Every time I hear Paolo Nutini sing “New Shoes” I think of you. Not sure what that says about either of us really, but there you go. Feel better soon.

  9. Feel better, Mir!! And now I have to think about the shoes.

  10. I have a couple of friend who have those shoes in black, and they look GREAT on any age of foot. I’m tempted to get some myself. I hope you feel better soon. Your family seems to have gone through a lot of sickness lately and it’s time to put that all behind you!

  11. If you buy the shoes, I guarantee you will be all better by nighttime. And you’ll be younger, too –not that you need to be.

  12. GET THE SHOES!!! Okay- have we enabled you yet? LOL No guilt allowed, consider them “medicine”. 🙂

  13. You just HAVE to get those shoes!!! 🙂

    Hope you feel better asap!

  14. Mir – so sorry you’re not feeling pretty. Get pretty soon!

  15. Buy the shoes. I am older than you are (ahem) and I have a pair in brown. They are awesome teaching shoes; I can wear them all day and they look better than my tennis shoes. Maybe i need them in three or four different colors…

  16. omg, i had that stomach thing last week….for 6 days! i finally called the doc on the 5th day and she said don’t eat anything for 24 hours…just jello and broth if you need something, or flat 7-up…oh, and gatorade, if your system is on “auto-flush” and you don’t want to get dehydrated…
    i hope you get better soon. it’s the worstest….

  17. My wardrobe is filled with Skechers and I’m also, as someone very tactfully put it, “approaching the new 30.” My philosophy on shoes has always been “Buy them! In several colors!” because they are the one size constant in my wardrobe, so I don’t have to get depressed because I’ve gone up a size.

    This particular style is more expensive at Zappos. But I love Zappos anyway. They have free overnight shipping till the end of the month. Talk about immediate gratification!

  18. What is the “new 30?” Also, the shoes say women’s. What are we but women? No matter how old.

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