If you must have ugly shoes. . .

By Mir
February 27, 2007

… then for the love of all that is holy, at least have them shipped to you for free.

Now through March 4th, 2007, use coupon code crocsspring07 at Crocs Online to get free shipping, regardless of your order size.

I have softened my stance a bit; I now find Crocs quite delightful on children. But they still scare me a little, on grown-ups.

(Thanks, Killired!)


  1. I wear my Crocs in the privacy of my own home while cooking (saves my back and feet). They are bright red, look like clown shoes, and I love them. But I do not have the nerve to wear them outside.

  2. I love my Crocs. I wear them year round, I have Sage and Taupe. I need to replace a set though, I am thinking Sienna this time so this is a great deal.

    Yes, they are fugly but oh, so comfy. Add some Jibbitz to them and have fun! I used to swear by my Birks, now I have not worn my Birks for close to a year in favor of my Crocs.

    My kids wear the Croc-offs from Wal-Mart.

  3. crocs are scary on anyone!

  4. Yeah, they’re ugly and yeah they shouldn’t be worn out of the house, but sometimes there are mitigating circumstances…

    When I had my last MS flare-up in June, it got so bad that I couldn’t a) wear regular shoes (e.g. ones with laces) because it was excrutiating, b) wear thongs because they would either fall off my feet or cause me to trip (or both) or c) go barefoot because, well, I couldn’t actually feel my feet.

    So the Crocs came in rather handy! The strap meant they stayed on, they were loose enough not to cause my feet to writhe pain, but snug enough to not trip me. Whoever invented them is my hero.

    Now I can wear regular shoes again, though, the Crocs are mostly relegated to trips outside with the dog or down to the laundry room. I’ve got two pairs now, but I’m stocking up, just in case I have another relapse. Thanks for the free shipping link!!

  5. i love my crocs. they really help with my back pain. i wear them all the time… they are a lot more comfy than wearing slippers in the house!!!! i dont care if people think they are ugly. i have several colors to match my clothes and i it’s all i wear… and without a doubt everyone asks me if they’re comfy…. uh duhhhhh… stupid question because i’m obviously not wearing them just cause they’re cute! of course i wear them for the comfort! no other shoe can compare to the comfort of crocs. i’ve tried the knock-offs and they’re just not the same.

  6. Cute. Not ugly. Cute.

    I just ordered the Disney beach (Mickey shaped cut outs!) in black with a red back strap.

    CUTE, I tell you! It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, people, and I’m saying CUTE!!

    And, yes, comfy too – I have a pair I wear to the hot tub and back everynight 😉

    Cute AND comfy…what else could you ask for?

    [heh heh]

  7. I ordered crocs from their website to wear for work, and I’m a little dismayed at the customer service. Eleven days after ordering, I finally called to find out why my order hasn’t shipped. They don’t actually have the shoes in stock to send me but expect them anytime. Would have been nice had they been proactive and let me know . . .

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