The price does not offset my terror

By Mir
February 27, 2007

I don’t care how much you like Johnny Depp or Pirates of the Caribbean, some things are just so scary I have to wonder what in the world the marketing execs were thinking.


  1. heh… I think just having that thing in the house would give me nightmares. (And I like both Johnny Depp and Pirates.)

  2. I’m..disturbed.

    And half-tempted to buy it for a friend.

  3. I’m tempted to buy it to have on hand for one of those white elephant gift exchanges or a gag gift or something… Wouldn’t THAT be a funny thing to unwrap at a party???

  4. we went to our local renaissance festival on sunday, and i was trying to take pictures of my friend and her boyfriend, and this way-creepy Captain Jack look-alike felt the need to be in the background of 2 of the 3 pictures. it was skurry. and he grabbed the boyfriend’s butt, too.

    in other news, that bobblehead is sold out. haha!

  5. Too funny — just too funny.

  6. Scarier yet, it’s sold out?!?!?! Insane.

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