Hopefully I am not sleeping with the fishes

By Mir
March 2, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Usually on a Friday I can give you three guesses about what I’m doing, and even if the first two don’t count, you can be pretty sure that I’m scoping out the Amazon Friday Sale. I live for the Friday sale, it’s true.

But today I shall have to leave the sale sleuthing to you, because I am spending the day here as part of our whirlwind trip. My children are very much looking forward to seeing some sharks, and I am mostly just looking forward to being warm and dry (as most of yesterday was spent running around in a torrential downpour).

It’s going to kill me if I end up missing a really good deal, because of this, but I suppose doing something fun with my future husband and my kids trumps even the Friday Sale.


  1. I too spent much of yesterday running around in the freezing cold Atlanta rain, but I don’t get the reward of going to the GA Aquarium today, you lucky woman! It is totally fantastic…enjoy your day!

  2. Have fun and don’t worry, I’m sure we will find SOMETHING to keep ourselves occupied!

  3. Glad everyone is ok. We had some bad weather here in AL and it was headed your way when it left. That’s another thing to get used to down here – tornado destruction. I actually keep a stash of games and coloring books along with a radio and flashlight in the interior bathroom in case I have to force the kids to stay in there during a warning. If I could store an extra mattress in there to throw over the kids in the bathtub, I would.

  4. Have fun at the aquarium (we’ve been twice in the last 6 months)! I too was running around in the icky atlanta rain yesterday… Did i miss where you were moving to?

  5. How I wish the aquarium had been there when I lived in Atlanta. We were there for 4 years….then in Augusta for another 2. I suppose I could have gone then…but I had a baby…maybe some day. I LOVE aquariums!

  6. Have a great time! Tell us about your day if you can. We went last August, and I have to admit, the hype was right. The aquarium is fabulous.

  7. The aquarium is great! I received an annual pass last year as a Christmas gift and used it many times before it expired. Nice and sunny today after all that rain, so you can go hang out with the seals outside. Just wait til they move the World of Coke from over by the Underground to next door–crowds galore!

  8. I spent a few hours several weeks ago at the Georgia Aquarium while on a business trip. It was awesome!

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