My name is Mir, and I’m a shoeaholic

By Mir
March 5, 2007

Oh, things have gotten worse since this post. I told you that Endless was discontinuing their $5 discount on every pair of shoes thing at the end of February, but then they extended it.

And then I also figured out that Zappos doesn’t just price-match, they give you 110% of the difference. Now, I’ve price-matched with them before, but it’s usually a difference of $10 or $20, and I didn’t even notice that extra bit of money.

But if you’re price-matching a $100 pair of shoes that’s offered elsewhere at $20, suddenly you’re getting $100 shoes for $12.

I’m not sure I can be held accountable for my actions, at this point.


  1. Mir, let’s be realistic here – were you EVER accountable for your actions??

    [heh heh]

  2. NOW she tells us?? Seriously Mir, good for you!! I’m just glad I’m not a centipede, I went nuts on that extended Endless sale as it is!

  3. Thanks Mir! They have children’s rainboots that match my son’s raincoat for the same price as our local shoestore that carries them, but with the *negative shipping* aka $5 off, the price couldn’t be beat. Thank so much! 🙂

  4. This is dangerous. After buying myself a pair of sandals at the last minute, I… um… convinced my husband that he should take advantage of the deal. I’ve taught him how to shop online for shoes. Yes, very, very dangerous. Thank goodness they didn’t have anything cute on sale in my son’s size!

  5. I now have four new pair of shoes being delivered tommorrow.

  6. Right – I got my four pair in the mail today… Unfortunately one was too small – but they let me order the correct size and still get the price they were last week! One of the pairs went from $39 to $148 and another went from $70 to (gasp) $255!!!! In just 3 days!

  7. Uh, I used your strategy and got the same shoes that were on sale at Endless at Zappos with the 110 percent guarantee. My rep also included the minus $5 delivery charge for each pair I ordered (which I could have gotten if I placed separate orders for each pair) so I saved $167 and spent less than $40 for 3 pairs of shoes. Hurray!

  8. OH.MY.WORD!! I just got $296 worth of shoes for $35!!!! I LOVE you Mir!!!!

  9. You replied to me on Chris’s site, but I had to tell you, you are so right. I ordered 2 pairs from Zappo’s and only paid $22.75. So Awesome.

  10. Great info for shoe shoppers! Thanks!

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