What matters most to you?

By Mir
March 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Excruciatingly pretty reader Katie emailed me this one a few days ago, but I am only now catching up on email:

Bantam Dell Publishing wants to know what matters most to you, and there are a couple of incentives for you to share. First, the first 1,000 participants will receive a free copy of one of Luanne Rice’s novels. Second, for every entry, they will donate a dollar to Habitat for Humanity (up to $25,000 total).

It’s a great cause and you might get a free book out of it. Go!


  1. Thanks! When I posted, it showed there were 300-something other posts, so hopefully I’ll get a book! And when I do, I will think of pretty Mir…. and pretty Katie too!

  2. There were 719 after I posted….still time! Thank you Katie and Mir. I love free, I love books, and I really love free books!

  3. I was #1514 so no book for me but $1 will be donated and I guess that’s what matter most. LOL

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