Oh, why not another Restaurant.com coupon

By Mir
March 7, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know that I post these all the time—and I apologize if you’re sick of seeing them—but participants do change at Restaurant.com throughout the month, plus many of the restaurants they list offer only a set number of coupons each month. That means that by the end of the month (when there are 60% of 70% off coupons), many of the certificates are gone.

So! It’s near the beginning of the month, and right now at Restaurant.com you can take 50% off your purchase with coupon code SALE (expires March 11th, 2007). That’ll get you a $25 certificate for just $5, or a $10 certificate for $2.

And then you can go out to dinner and shop for shoes. Perfect!


  1. Thank you – thank you for posting it again. I got to get one for one of my favorite restaurants this time!!! I for one am happy to see this post everytime you put it on there.

  2. I appreciate you posting them frequently because now I only want to buy them when they are on sale 🙂 We have had some wonderful meals on this program (and have gotten very good at getting our bill just over the minimum food purchase so as to reap maximum rewards without spending extra money.)

    Thanks again

  3. Still none in my area. Boo. Can’t wait until I can take advantage of this!

  4. I’m not tired of them, keep posting them! I never know when I’ll need some as gifts for people.

  5. Echoing pp to say that I never get tired of seeing these deals! I give them for gifts as well…

  6. We just finally used one of the ones I purchased in August. It was great and a few days later I got an email to complete a survey. After the survey I got an email from the Restaurant manager offering us a special deal on a group party so more savings if we can use it. I’ll take that :).

    One of the benefits of the certificate was that I was willing to pay for more a dish that I really wanted to try but always thought it was way too much money! Now I know it is good so will have to look for the certificates to be really cheap again 🙂

    So keep reminding us!

  7. Yay! They FINALLY had some for my favorite restaurant! They’re always sold out, but I bought four this time!! Thanks bunches, Mir!!!!

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