Even better

By Mir
March 8, 2007

Remember this? (The infamous post where apparently a reader thought I’d turned to peddling unmentionables, because that’s the sort of strumpet I am.) Did you feel left out, ladies? Never fear!

Now you can play, too!

(Thanks, Ben. You guys are wacky.)


  1. Be sure to sip evenly or you’ll get lopsided.

  2. This is tooooo funny. I have several friends that would probably buy into this.

  3. Is it sad that I sent my picture in to win one?

  4. Step aside, water bra. All hail the booze bra!!

  5. That is too funny! I want one!!! (for a gift!)

    No, really, for a gift!

  6. Which is funnier — that you posted this, or that I laughed out loud? I think I’ll go pour myself an after-school drink.

  7. This very well could be the answer to my breast reconstruction delima… 😉

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