Find the shamrock, save some bucks

By Mir
March 8, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you an outdoorsy person? No? Just like cute clothes/shoes? Right now in the
Altec Clearance Section
you’ll find that many of their already discounted items sport a green shamrock in the item information. Every item with a shamrock can be gotten for an additional 50% off with coupon code LUCKY50. (The site is running slow due to the sale, so be patient.)

Orders over $45 ship for free, too.

Hey, it’s easier than finding a pot of gold, and there are no pesky leprechauns to deal with. Thanks, Rachel!


  1. I took advantage of this yesterday and wanted to point out that the $45 for the free shipping is BEFORE they apply the 50% discount! So even if you only end up paying $25 for your stuff after the discount, your shipping is still FREE!

  2. I just got Nike sandals, a new bag and one of those headband earwarmer things that I’d been wanting … All for $30 shipped. Thanks, Mir!

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