It’s beginning to look a lot like. . . Easter

By Mir
March 8, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you’re already thinking about Easter, gold star for you. I’m sure you will never find yourself at the Dollar Store on a Saturday night, desperately seeking packages of Peeps which aren’t already hard as rocks. (Not that that’s ever happened to anyone I know. Ahem.)

Now through April 14th, is running all sort of specials, plus they have two coupons available.

To receive $15 off your $75+ purchase, use coupon code 1143296.

If you’d rather receive free shipping on your $40+ order, use coupon code 1143295.

And if you’ve never shopped them before and are feeling put-off by the name, don’t be. Yes, they carry bibles and other Christian items. But they also carry non-denominational books and movies and lots of other stuff.

(But no marshmallow Peeps. Sorry.)


  1. Why would you look for Peeps that aren’t as hard as a rock?

    My mother goes out and buys them early, just so she can uncellophane them and get them rock hard by Easter. (They taste so much better that way).

    I guess different strokes and all 😉

  2. Chewy, hard peeps are the best. I have a friend who buys them for next year, so that they’ll be good and chewy.

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