Rise and shine; it’s Christmas!

By Mir
March 11, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well, no. It isn’t really Christmas. But assuming that you’ve managed to get through the clock change and you’re up early wondering what to do with yourself, may I suggest a bit of Christmas shopping?

Oh, I know it’s only March. But that’s how you get the deals, you know. Check out these deeply discounted Christmas items at Amazon, some of which even qualify for the current Buy 3, Get 1 Free promotion. You may find a few things you’ll need next December, and get them for pennies on the dollar because you were smart (and pretty, don’t forget pretty) enough to shop early.


  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

    SMOOCHES!!! (Sorry, Otto, didn’t mean to go all kissy on your intended — I just couldn’t help it.)

    You know what you just ‘bought me’ — ok, so I bought it, but I wouldn’t have even looked without your encouragement???

    A CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Squeeeee! I threw out my old icky,, should have gone years ago one last year — and had been planning on buying a new, pre-lit tree in December. Yes, I looked right after Christmas, but the pretty ones were GONE and if I’m going to drop over $100 on a tree, it best be pretty.

    $99 BUCKS — for a tree that lists more tips and more lights than the average Target version.

    You aren’t pretty to me anymore — you are STUNNINGLY beautiful. SQUEEEE.

    (Is it wrong that when it arrives I may want to put it up in April?)

  2. I so have to get all the cannon falls fishing ornaments.

  3. Stephanie, I got a bunch of those too!

    Mir, Mir, Mir… what can I say? You’re a woman after my own heart if you’re already Christmas Shopping. I don’t even tell people when I start anymore, all it does is piss them off.

    Thanks once again for emptying my wallet. I ordered several things for Christmas presents, including the cannon falls fishing ornaments, and a couple of books.

    You’re not only gorgeous, but you’re helpful too!


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