All aboard for phonics

By Mir
March 12, 2007

Right now you can get the Leap Frog Phonics Railroad for just $14.98, down from $59.99. Shipping will run you about $10 (it’s big!), but if you haven’t used Google Checkout yet, you can get an additional $10 off using that.

Even if you pay for the shipping, it’s still a great deal. If you have a little one, maybe Santa would like to tuck this away…?


  1. Awesome deal!! I used the Google checkout for the 1st time- came to $16- Thank you oh pretty one!

  2. I second Tracy – I finally got off my duff for the Google check out and whoo doggy am I excited! Less then $16 is a fantastic deal. I might be done birthday shopping for for my little boy with this. Hope he’s still into trains at his third birthday.

  3. mir you seriously just made my day!! thanks so much for posting this. you absolutely cannot beat $15.52 shipped! my kiddo is gonna be beyond geeked. 🙂

  4. I am having trouble seeing the link. Can someone help me out? Thanks!!

  5. I got one too…less than $16 shipped…YEAH

  6. Oh my goodness! I so love you! I will be the favorite Aunt in the world!

  7. Loving this! Thanks, Mir. Baby boy will be in heaven come birthday time.

  8. wow! you’re sooo pretty for this one!
    my son received this for christmas needless to say we didn’t get this great deal BUT, i’ll be sure to tell all my friends to jump on this deal. WANT NOT is the place to be! 🙂

  9. Oh, you rock so much! I just hope that I remember that I bought come next December….

  10. OH MY WORD! I did it! I used the google check out and everything. Finally, Chewie actually gets brave and SHOPS one of your amazing online deals. The “baby” drove me to it, actually. He will sit for an HOUR with an old broken train set his brothers have abandoned for cooler toys…it was his time to have a new one! And one that is cheap AND educational. I simply could NOT resist this one, Mir. Thank you SO SO much! I’m giddy about this!

  11. I thought I wasn’t going to get the $10 off because I’ve already used google checkout before, but I was logged into my other gmail account so I just entered my info again and saved $10. Thank you so much!

  12. Got one! I have a feeling my older daughter is going to like this as much as the younger one. THanks!

  13. Exactly what I was looking for and for a much better price than what I was willing to pay! I see Toys R Us is also making it easy to donate money for Autism research. Click away! Thank you, Mir..for this and the many other bargains. 🙂

  14. The deal is still active! I snagged one for a favorite 2 year old boy’s birthday! Thank you, Mir!

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