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By Mir
March 12, 2007
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Yet another free pet food deal: fill out a brief survey and get a coupon for a free 5-pound bag of dog food or 4-pound bag of cat food.

Nutro isn’t cheap food, either. This is good stuff without yucky fillers.

Don’t have a pet? Increase your good karma; fill it out and donate the food to your local shelter or pet rescue.


  1. I plan on donating the food since my dog is on senior lamb & rice ONLY. She’s allergic to corn.
    Great idea and thanks, Mir!

  2. I just hope my cats see this as a treat, rather than a replacement for their much cheaper Purina Cat Chow. (Chow chow chow!)

  3. I filled out the survey and it told me that I was already enrolled??? Also, because I am already enrolled, I don’t get my free bag. I have never used Nutro, nor been to the website. We love our dogfood but I planned on donating to our shelter (where we got our doggie) and am dissapointed that they now have my information and I have no free food. However, I still love this site, and it is STILL my opinion that the blog owner is the prettiest most beautificus blog writer in blog universe.

  4. Thanks! Feeding four cats gets expensive. Now if we can just find a coupon for free litter. 🙂

  5. Just wanted to let people know that Petco has a buy 10 get one free on their premium dog food large bags. It’s tied to the scan card, so it’s not like you have to have all the bags at the same time, just in case you were worried!!

  6. Thanks… this is the kind of food our pup eats and I missed the deal last time!

  7. Very cool. My dogs get Science Diet only, but I’ll be giving my coupon to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

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