I know, the shoes thing, it’s constant

By Mir
March 14, 2007

As if anyone who reads here still actually needs shoes….

Right now at Shoebuy you can take $10 off of one pair or $20 off of two pairs of shoes. Free shipping and free returns as always, of course.

Just use coupon code 2FLING07. Coupon expires March 27th, 2007. And—wait for it—they have Crocs! (Edit: Not sure why that’s not working. Try MARCH07 for 20% off, if that doesn’t work.) (‘Nother edit: The first code was pulled. Now try 1springfl07 for $10 off one pair and 2springfl07 for $20 off two pairs.)

(Come to Want Not for the deals, stay for the great prices on ugly shoes. I think I need that on a bumper sticker.)


  1. boo hoo, they wouldn’t give it to me.

  2. This is more succinct, if not as accurate:

    Come for the deals; stay for the shoes.

    Surely, as pretty as you are, you can print that puppy up and slap it on your wheels?

  3. I couldn’t use that code! It said unvalid…

  4. ugly shoes? Are you calling crocs ugly shoes? Ok, they are a bit funny looking, but quite comfortable.

  5. Dude. I hate bumper stickers on my car, but I think I would actually put that one on. And I really don’t have a shoe thing. Promise. 😛

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