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By Mir
March 15, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know that soy is good for me, and yet, there are precious few forms in which I don’t think it tastes like tangy cardboard. So when a soy freebie comes along, I always get a little too excited. At least this way, if it’s awful, I haven’t spent any money.

If you promise to share, SOYJOY will send you three free bars for you and your friends. You have to check the “I promise to share” box, but fortunately there is no “I swear I am not crossing my fingers” box.

You’ve got to be intrigued by a product that claims, “SOYJOY is the kind of snack you’d bake for yourself—if you had the time (and a mango tree in your backyard).”


  1. Hmmm… I filled in all the info and clicked “submit”, but nothing happened. I didn’t get a “Thanks for submitting blah blah blah!” page. Did it do that for you?

  2. I unchecked the “share with friends” box, because I am a selfish girl indeed, and got a “you’ll get your stuff in a couple weeks” message. Try again, Rachel!

  3. Hi Rachel – Maybe check your email address? I tried submitting a second request for my mom (who doesn’t have internet access) using a secondary account of mine that’s probably been inactivated and it wouldn’t work.

  4. Strange. I went back and entered all the same information again, unchecked the “share with friends box”, and it told me to “correct information marked in red”, which was the “share with friends” box… so I re-checked that and re-submitted… and it told me I’d get the stuff blah blah blah. At any rate, I’m excited to try them!

  5. I ordered some for me and then a set for my daughter. Whether she eats them or not, she’ll like the wrapper because (snicker) her name is on it.

  6. Daisy, you named your daughter Soy? Weird. It beats Apple, though. I guess.

  7. Hmm…I got these in the mail yesterday, and they’re not exactly tasty. They’re really dry and, other than the fruit (mostly raisins), are kinda tasteless. Good thing they were free!

  8. I agree with Cara, they are very dry and taste bad, I couldn’t even finish half of any of the flavors. 🙁

  9. Blech. Blech. Blech.

    Thanks for the tip, for sure….but BLECH!

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