For your little fireman

By Mir
March 17, 2007

How much do I love old-fashioned pedal cars? So so much. They’re usually insanely expensive, though. This little fire truck is adorable and currently marked 53% off with free shipping.

(Do note that it comes in the original box, so if you’re buying one for your own kid, maybe have it mailed to the grandparents or the neighbor.)


  1. Drat… saw this yesterday and thought long & hard about it… came back today and it’s back at its original price.

    Thanks anyway, pretty Mir!

  2. I almost jumped at it yesterday, but noticed the weight limit. 30 pounds! My 2.5 years old is already 35 pounds…

  3. I saw that too, TDR. I thought “what sort of 3-5 year old only weighs 30 pounds?!” That made no sense to me. Is the deal over already anyway? What was the sale price?


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