Great deal for Prevacid users

By Mir
March 19, 2007
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Do you take Prevacid? Even if you have good insurance, chances are that you’re paying a co-pay every time you fill your prescription. But if you go sign up for their “Beyond the Burn” program you’ll receive a card which entitles you to up to $25 off each time you refill. If your co-pay is $25 or less, it’ll be free. If you’re paying more than $25 for each refill, well, at least you’ll be getting $25 off.

It’s not a rebate, either, but instant savings. (Methinks the Prevacid folks figured out that their precious pills might be too expensive for some people.)


  1. Interesting! My 5-year-old is on prevacid, and even with insurance, it was costing me about $50/month. I just started with express scripts, which brought it down to about 30 a month. I’ll check this out, for sure, thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this link! I take Prevacid daily and even with my insurance I pay about $40 for a 3 month supply. This will help me out so much…good find today!

  3. *hugs Mir muchly* Thank you!

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