More cheap iPods

By Mir
March 20, 2007

Did you miss out the last time I reminded you about the Apple Refurb store?

Stock comes and goes, there, but it looks like they recently restocked. If you’ve been jonesing for an iPod, go have a look.

And if they don’t have what you want, keep checking back. Patience is a virtue, Grasshopper.


  1. Thanks! My Mom asked for one for her upcoming b-day – she’s been going to the gym regularly (a recent step-up from curves in the excercise plan – go Mom!).

    My Dad suggested she wear the headphones with the built-in radio HE has.

    Now I don’t have to explain to him why that’s 100 kinds of WRONG.

  2. I got my son a refurbished ipod for Christmas from this site. After he opened it on Christmas day, we found that it was defective. I contacted Apple, and sent it back and within a week, we had another one, working great. He is happy, I am thrifty. All is good.

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