I can’t believe I’m about to say this

By Mir
March 21, 2007

I may have unfairly maligned the whole Crocs movement. (I know. I know!) Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I still believe that the shoes most of us think of when we think Crocs are pretty hideous-looking.

But… they’ve just released their Spring line and some of those sandals are… are… cute. I still don’t think they’re appropriate officewear (ever!) and I’m still not feeling the clog-love, but I might need a pair of these for the Summer.

Through March 26th, receive free shipping on any order at Crocs with coupon code sunflower. Apparently, we will all be assimilated.

(Thanks, Killired!)


  1. Hey, where you’re moving, you might need a pair of those for year round. Maybe 3 pair. Yea, that sounds about right.

    I, too, am a vocal hater of crocs. On adults and kids alike. Hate them. However, I’m going to chalk that new season of cuteness up to them hiring someone with a design clue, because I can’t believe the same warped brain that gave us the original croc could have been used to make those much cuter shoes all along.

  2. Crocs just seem like a horrible joke on the consumer.

  3. good taste, mir! i HATE crocs, but those sandals are super cute. may have to purchase….

  4. if i had to bet money, i’d say some of you croc-haters lock yourself in the bathroom at night and slip on your supersecret crocs that you keep hidden at the back of the closet. you slip them on at the end of the day, letting their floaty-cushiness pull out the stress from your feet.

    i’ve said it before . . . the old-school crocs are ugly, but they sure are comfy. function over form. now with the new designs (which ARE snappy), the closet croc-ers can look all cute and pretty.

    but we still know where you hide your shoes.

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