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By Mir
March 22, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Several folks have pointed out that there’s a Woot Off going on today. That should provide you with plenty of distraction.

(If you snag something good, leave a comment. I often miss the deals that go quick.)


  1. One of the best things various people on Woot’s message boards ever did was create trackers for the Woot Offs. That way while I’m at work, I open up one of their trackers and I can just look down in my Windows Task Bar and see the percentage of the current item that’s left. That way I only have to pay close attention when it’s down near 0% left. No constantly pulling up while I’m supposed to be working.

    There are a bazillion trackers posted in their forums during the woot offs (just read the boards under any of the items they’ve sold today). I hesitate to include links to any here because they tend to go dead periodically when service providers decide the tracker page has really exceeded bandwidth and has to go. But the best ones will show a percentage left in your task bar so you don’t have to pull the page up. They automatically refresh every few seconds so the percentage keeps updating.

    Hey, pretty Mir, it’s currently a Roomba…. 🙂

  2. Mir, you should alert everyone to the fantastic sale going on at $10 off of one pair, $20 off of two. no tax and free shipping. and you can do it over and over, in sets of two, to maximize your discount. i just got 2 pairs of kids crocs for less than $30 shipped.

  3. Woot-offs make me laugh. That’s worth something, whether I order or not!

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