The $9.99 roaster is back!

By Mir
March 26, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to the eagle eyes of pretty Want Not reader Chrissy for noticing that the 15-inch Farberware covered rack roaster deal is back at Amazon. It’s marked down to $29.99, and there’s a $20 rebate available.

These sold out at that price really quickly, last time, so hop to it if you want one. Thanks, Chrissy!


  1. I ordered mine the last time, and I still have not received it. They sent me a notice that it would be delayed. Otherwise I would tell everyone how wonderful it is and how they should go out and buy it. But whether it’s wonderful or not, you can’t beat $9.99.

  2. I did get mine – it’s really a lovely piece of cookware. Haven’t gotten my rebate yet, so keeping my fingers crossed. I may order a couple more b/c I think it would be a nice wedding present.

  3. It’s a beautiful roaster and does a great job… still waiting for our rebate though.

    Now I’m considering getting another one as a wedding gift, I do have 3 weddings to go to this summer and it says, “Limit 4 per household” I believe, on the rebate. Thanks for the idea, Laura! 😀

  4. Drat. That’s what I get for not having WantNot open ALL THE TIME at work and refreshing every two seconds. The dumb thing is $79.99 this morning. Poop.

  5. Gah! Stop teasing me with the elusive cheap roaster! I would love one of these, but I’m certainly not going to pay $80.

  6. I bought one yesterday and was thrilled when I saw that it went back up to $89 today. It made me feel like I got a great bargain!

  7. I managed to snag one of these today! WOOHOO Thank you beautiful Mir!

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