One more Amazon deal. . .

By Mir
March 28, 2007

… before I go back to bed.

They’re having a 70% off sale in toys, so now would be a good time to start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already. (But you have, because you’re smart and pretty and started during the post-holiday clearance sales.)

Not all of the good deals come up in that section, for some reason. Also go to the main toys page and look at the “top seller” lists to find things that might not be coming up on the sale pages.


  1. thanks for this! I got some GREAT deals on some toys for my kids – HOPEFULLY, they will still be into Pirates and Littlest Pets by Christmas…but that’s 3 toys for each of them!

  2. Did you see the Gold box item? Our plates for $5 less than we paid for them last year!!! Well, we did get the free dessert cups worth about $5. Ah, well. I guess I won’t be emailing to demand my $5 back. 🙂

  3. I need a bigger gift closet. I spent almost $60 for 15 toys, which averages out at less that $4 per toy. How can you beat that? I have birthday presents for all neices and nephews for the whole year, not to mention extras for school mates. And a few Christmas presents already. If you keep finding all these deals for us, I will need to get more friends. Thanks!

  4. I pink puffy heart the Red Tomato Playhouse and Carrot Slide! How awesome is that??? If only I could convince my 12 yr old and 14 yr old to play in there…

  5. As much as I know my kids would LOVE those two things (6 & 3), I had to talk myself out of those two outside toys…since I don’t have a backyard in which to put them. But I got 2 magnadoodle color (at $6 each) and the Littlest Pet Shop pets ($3 each), the Pirate kit (can’t remember the price for that one!) and the Soduko…that one’s for me. For $26 – free shipping, yay! Toys for my boy AND girl for Christmas. Fun!

  6. This site has 3 great deals from the Amazon toy sale listed. I just got Cranium Whoonu for $4.50 for the gift closet (we own it, and it’s a lot of fun).

  7. Some of the items that I paid $5 for yesterday are back up to $15 or so.

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