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By Mir
April 1, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Buy 3 $15 iTunes gift cards, get the 4th one free. They ship for free, too. Treat someone deserving or just get more music for yourself.


  1. Sweet!

  2. Okay, educate the stewpit here! Um… if I don’t have an ipod but do have an mp3 player… can I still download songs from itunes and use them?

  3. Ash, the iTunes songs will be in AAC format, which includes “Digital Rights Management” (DRM). The DRM will prevent them from playing on anything but an iPod. The notable exception will be any songs from the EMI catalog, which, according to this morning’s announcement will be DRM-free. With those, you could simply use iTunes to convert them (and songs taken from CDs) to MP3 format for your player.

  4. There is a workaround for the DRM issue, although it’s not the easiest thing – you can get songs, then convert the format into MP3 from AAC. Usuallly, you can do this by burning the songs onto a CD and then putting the files back onto your computer, specifying that they go back on as MP3s. (This probably violates the terms of iTunes purchases, but it’s widely done nevertheless.)

  5. Has this deal passed, or am I missing something? It says to “add four iTunes cards below,” then “add to Cart,” but that’s not actually on the screen. I’m sad if I missed it!

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