Great price on a depressing item

By Mir
April 2, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Isn’t it great how you can now buy a scale that not only tells you how much weight you need to lose, but also analyzes your body fat? I mean, why wait to go to the doctor’s office to get depressed?

The problem is that those scales tend to be pretty expensive. But now you can feel inadequate for less. Check out this fancy schmancy scale with removable display. As of this posting, it’s just $17.99 (82% off!).

You can use all the money you’ve saved towards a trainer. Or therapy. Either way.


  1. Oh, my. My husband wants to get a “taking” scale so that our blind son can weigh himself. I can’t even bring myself to step on the regular one! And I waited months to replace the one that was ruined by rabbit pee… never mind. This scale is just scary.

  2. Okay, I meant “talking”. I can spell; I just can’t type.

  3. Gah! I waffled and then it went out of stock! That’ll teach me…

  4. … sometimes it’s not depressing:

    When you’re exercising and drinking umpteen glasses of water and eating carrots and not losing a bit of weight… but that little body fat number is creeping downwards, bit by tiny bit.

    If I have a normal scale, I’d be sad. But because I have the fancypants version, hope blooms in my flabby little heart.

  5. Fuzzy, LOL @ “flabby little heart”!!

  6. I think I’m about 98% body fat, I’m not going ANYWHERE near that scale!

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