How about a little lingerie?

By Mir
April 2, 2007

Hello! I have not forsaken you, my darlings. Comcast and I are having a bit of a difference of opinion, today. My opinion is that I should continue to have the internet service for which I pay a pound of flesh even if it’s raining out, and their opinion is that I should spend half an hour on hold to get a technician appointment for a week from today and like it.

You can see how today is going just swimmingly for me, so far.

Anyway! Check this out: Maidenform is having big Spring sale, and you can get free shipping with your $25+ purchase, besides. Not a bad deal if you’re in the market for some delicates.


  1. Boo for “Comcastic service” (or lack thereof). Wishing I had $$ to spend on delicates right now as this seems to be a great deal!

  2. Must be going around with Comcast. They seem to believe I should keep paying them the same amount for service while they cut (as far as I can tell so far) almost 10 channels from my service. Can we pelt their offices with discounted lingerie from Maidenform?

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