Bank of America wants to give you money

By Mir
April 3, 2007

Always look for a deal when you’re in the market to open a new bank account. Lately all the banks seem to be jumping on the we’ll-give-you-money bandwagon, which is one of my very favorite bandwagons.

Get $100 for opening a Bank of America Free MyAccess checking account. I don’t know that I’d run out and do it if I didn’t need another account, but if you’re in the market, anyway, why not make some money?


  1. Offer states it is for Bank of America credit card customers only.

  2. They’re usually running some kind of special offer with their MyAccess accounts, even if you’re not one of their credit card customers. I think it was $50 back when I moved and needed a new account if you got some card from the utility companies when you signed up for new service or if you had a referral from an existing customer, but that was over a year ago. Can’t remember exactly.

  3. I have 2 checking accounts already…and one of them is at BofA…sigh….oh well!

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