The Easter Bunny said to eat out this year

By Mir
April 4, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember how many gift certificates are limited in number and run out before the middle of the month? Don’t you wish they’d have a discount code at the beginning of the month?

Ask and ye shall receive! Now through April 8th, go grab discount certificates to your favorite restaurants, and use coupon code HOP to take 40% off your total order. That’s a $25 certificate for just $6, or a $10 certificate for $2.40.

Clearly this is a divine sign that you should be eating out more.


  1. dangit! i just ordered some over the weekend, sure that there wouldn’t be a coup code until the middle of the month. can i tell you how badly i want to stomp my feet right now? 🙂

  2. well, since it’s a divine sign and all… heehee. finally giving these babies a try. wow, mir, not only are you looking especially pretty today, you are saving me a ton of money between this, TCP, and the Annie’s coupon. thank you!

  3. It’s telling me the code is invalid… ? I’ve entered it as “HOP”, “hop” and as “Hop”. What am I missing?

  4. I guess the stars aligned a second ago, because it decided to work. Or maybe it just expects you to WORK for it (as in, enter the code eleventy times).

  5. Karen is right–who are we to ignore divine signs? We’ll dine in style at a restaurant in our area we haven’t tried before. And won’t my honey be pleased when I pick up the tab!

  6. We are eating out this year. Grandma isn’t “doing” Easter at her house, so she sent us a check to go out to eat! Woot!

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