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By Mir
April 7, 2007

My darlings, if you are so inclined, you can clicky clicky right here and vote for Want Not in the Blogger’s Choice Awards. I don’t know that the winner gets anything other than bragging rights, but it would warm my cheapskate little heart to see our humble bargain haven triumph over some of the “this is the latest thing, and only a gazillion dollars” type sites out there. What a lovely way to tell the world that more expensive isn’t always better.


  1. I voted. Do I get a sticker ?

  2. Happy Easter. Thanks for all the great deal you have posted!! I love reading your blog everyday!!

  3. I voted. Since you only rock supremely, you know.

    And that’s not flattery. It’s the total truth. Just ask my friend Aubri. And my mom. They’ll back me up on this.

  4. I voted for you, too. Thanks for sharing your cheapskated-ness, er, I mean, bargain-hunting self with us!

  5. you got my vote! 🙂

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