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So here’s a new thing

Hello! You may have noticed that there’s a new display doohickey (technical term) along the side of the blog now, and that leads to my Poshmark closet. For the last few months I’ve started working on both cleaning out some excess and turning my love of actual, physical thrifting into a revenue stream instead of just being someone who has way too many clothes. (Although, listen, I recently found myself the softest cashmere cardigan in the history of ever for a dollar. True story.) I’m still wading through literal stacks of clothing to list, but I’m getting there.

So! What does this mean? Well, first of all, if you haven’t joined Poshmark yet, and you elect to, you can put wantnotdotnet as your invite code and you’ll get a $5 credit toward your first purchase and I’ll get a $5 credit for inviting you. That’s good, because it saves you money and I am still getting the hang of not spending all my proceeds (because, seriously, some of the deals there are bananas). Second, I will give an automatic 10% off to any blog reader who shops my closet and buys 1-2 items, plus I offer an automatic 15% off to everyone if you buy 3+ items, but for blog readers I will make that 20%. The only hitch here is that communication on Poshmark is somewhat limited, so you either need to email me or comment on an item (“Love your blog” or “longtime blog reader” or whatever you want) so that I know to give you the discount. Note that items have prices, but you can either make an offer on a single item or create a bundle and then make an offer on the bundle.

Anyway, that’s part of what I’ve been up to, and another way you can save some money with me these days. Questions? Comments? Requests? Hit me up!

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Hello! We survived Christmas!

Hi there. I’m not dead! I’ve just been enjoying some time off and was reluctant to come back because it turns out that I could happily fill my days with books, movies, playing with my dogs, and nagging my family. Who knew??

I hope everyone’s had a great week and had a lovely holiday, if you celebrated. After months of careful shopping and selection, 50% of my children were thrilled with their gifts. The other 50% promptly purchased a cell phone upgrade with their own money, so, whatever, that’s a win, too, right? Let’s pretend it was.

My best finds this holiday season?
1) Quite a few Amazon Lightning Deals, particularly on clothing and shoes when I could combine a deal with an existing coupon, both because the prices were great and because of Amazon’s free returns. One pair of shoes I bought my husband was too small, and no problem—I sent ’em back the day after Christmas and the replacements are already on the way.
2) The computer of my son’s dreams, snagged as a certified refurb for way less than retail.
3) These Samsonite bags, which are soon to be filled and headed off to college, and will now be my go-to gift for graduates because they’re really nice and super affordable.

How was your holiday? What did you either get or give that made you happy?

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Big Prize Week is coming!

One week from today is Black Friday. Some of you will get up early and brave the crowds, because you’re nuts. (I kid. Mostly.) Others of you will—like me—get up early and stay in pajamas and shop online while eating leftovers. Personally, I prefer my plan.

Either way, the week leading up to Black Friday is always Big Prize Week here at Want Not, and that means that every weekday next week you’ll have the chance to win something cool. Each giveaway will begin at 8:00 am Eastern and close at 8:00 pm Eastern that night, and if you don’t win that one, well, you can try again the next day!

I’m sad to report that this will be the first Big Prize Week in forever when I don’t have a Hess Truck to give away. (I don’t know why. I didn’t hear from my contact this year.) But I have lots of other cool goodies donated by awesome sponsors, I promise. And as always, Black Friday itself will conclude the week with a big gift certificate I buy with my own money because I love you.

Aside from the prizes, next week we should be seeing some of the greatest deals of the year, and I’ll be here making sure you don’t miss a thing. Get ready for a fun week!

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Are you ready for Black Friday week??

Alright, my darlings, that very special time of year is nearly here. I’m watching the Amazon Lightning Deals like a hawk (you should be, too) and I spent my morning going through closets. Why? That’s where I squirrel away 1) stocking stuffers for my family and 2) goodies for Big Prize Week here at Want Not. When I was done, I had discovered a few things I’m pretty sure I bought last year and forgot to give my kids (oops!) and also my oldest surveyed the stash of generously donated prizes for next week and said, “Man, your readers are lucky.”

If you’re new ’round these parts—or if my recent decreased posting due to that whole Real Job™ thing has you worried that I won’t be repeating years past—buckle in for a week of me playing Santa. This is, bar none, my favorite week of the year, and just a small way I like to give back to all of you for hanging around here with me.

Here’s what you need to know:
1) Every day next week, beginning on Monday, November 25th, I will be holding a random drawing for a spectacular prize (or two, who knows).
2) Each prize post will go up at 8:00 a.m. Eastern time and be open for entry (via a comment) until 8:00 p.m. Eastern that evening. I will determine the winner(s) each evening via my my handy-dandy plugin winner-picker and announce and notify.
3) Every giveaway is governed by the contest rules and regulations which basically boil down to “this is supposed to be fun, don’t be a jerk about it.”
4) If you haven’t been around for previous Big Prize Weeks, there are certain types of items I tend to offer every year, and the week will consist of a variety of items, culminating in a Really Big Prize on Black Friday, because that’s how I roll. [Bonus: This year I will also be offering a Cyber Monday prize giveaway thanks to a very cool and generous prize donation.]
5) Additionally, I do nothing on Black Friday except park myself here at the computer and post deals for about 16 hours, because I would rather be eaten by a python than brave the stores on Black Friday. If you want great deals but don’t want to leave the house, plan to join me. I’ll hook you up.

Are you ready? I’m excited!

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Share your latest score!

We’re about due for a “you’ll never believe what I got” post, yes?

I haven’t been thrifting in months (no time, no energy), but hit Goodwill yesterday because it’s finally getting colder here and I wanted to look for some sweaters and/or long-sleeved shirts. Naturally I found absolutely nothing I wanted, though I’d picked up a few items for my teens by the time I decided I’d just run through the dresses rack before checking out and going home.

It was one of those I-don’t-really-need-it-but-I-can’t-pass-it-up sorts of things: A silk Banana Republic dress with the $130 price tag still attached, for… $3. And now it’s mine (for less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee).

What’s your best recent score?

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Has your Mystery Item revealed itself?

Remember the Groupon Goods Midsummer Mystery Item? Were you willing to gamble $15 on a mystery item guaranteed to be “25% to 99% off retail” and maybe something fabulous?

I’m not going to lie; when I got a shipping notice, I went and checked the item tracking because I knew it would tell me the item weight. When my package was listed as weighing only two pounds, I grumbled a little. But! Maybe it was a small electronic item!

The suspense ended yesterday when my box arrived, although not right away, because when I first opened it up I had no idea what I was looking at. It was… something cylindrical. And camo-printed. It turns out that I got one of these. On the up side: It has great reviews, a normal price of $40, and my friends who do fitness-y things assure me this is a very cool item. On the down side: Camo print, I am not a fitness-y sort, and I’m a little afraid I might hurt myself on it.

Hey, I wanted a mystery, and I got one. Did you get your package yet? What did they send you??

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What have you gotten lately?

We haven’t had the chance to share our good finds lately, so I thought I’d share a hit and a miss for fun:

My recent miss was ordering a bathing suit during the last big Bon-Ton sale. The price was certainly right, but it arrived today and is electric pink and neon orange (sure didn’t look that way on my monitor…) as well as fitting my chest in a rather, er, unfortunate manner. (Let’s just say that if I was going for a Madonna-esque statement of… uhhh… pointedness, it would be fine.) So that’s going back to the store.

But, a lucky hit to make up for it: Today at Goodwill I found an Isaac Mizrahi taffeta couture party dress for $6. I suppose I shouldn’t wear it in the pool, but still, a nice find.

Your turn!

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Your daily reminder, plus quick product reviews

Are you still checking the Amazon Lightning Deals? They’re still going, with the occasional gem of a deal sandwiched inbetween a bunch of stuff that makes you go “Huh?”

I’ll confess that this time of year, I do my own fair bit of shopping. Ahem. I thought I’d give you a quickie rundown on a few recent purchases that made me happy, to do with what you will. (I am not being compensated in any way for any of this, and all products mentioned were bought with my own money. This is just stuff I like and want to tell you about.)

Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 In 1 Stick Vacuum. I got this on a Lightning Deal for $59 (and as we all know, Lightning Deals have a way of repeating, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out). I bought it because both our Shark stick vac and our little Dustbuster have seen better days. It’s only been a week but so far I love this so much. The suction is excellent, having a light on the front is actually pretty nice, and I’m totally digging the 2-in-1 construction. I cut my son’s hair this morning and it sucked up a ton of hair afterward, no problems. Speaking of that…

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit. I have been cutting my family’s hair for… pretty much forever. This is my fourth set of clippers, and a completely un-planned-for purchase because my previous set is lost. (I don’t know. I cannot explain. They have to be somewhere here in the house, but my boys have grown shaggy as I continued insisting it would turn up. It never did.) You have no idea how annoyed I was to have to buy a new set, and I bought them at the current price ($26.97), which isn’t bad but isn’t the greatest steal ever. All of that said: These are the nicest clippers I’ve ever owned. They work great, they have every possible blade guard you might want, and they feel the best in my hand of any I’ve had (nice ergonomic design). Also, my kid tends to do interpretive dance while I’m cutting, and he didn’t end up with any bald spots. So there’s that. [Don’t think you can cut hair? You totally can! There’s tons of YouTube videos and such to get you started. This is a great way to save money and justify your own salon visits. Trust me.]

And finally, about a month ago at (sorry, it’s not available there anymore, but I just got it in the mail last week), they had a bundle deal on The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe and the matching 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. These will be Christmas gifts for my science-obsessed nerdling, but I can tell you right now that the book, in particular, is a bargain at any price. It is gorgeous but it’s also incredibly interesting and, unexpectedly, really funny. I am sneaking reading it at night because it’s just that good, and I am the person who used to fall asleep in science class.

Have an product recommendations to share from your recent shopping…?

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Just a reminder for next week

My pretties, I don’t know that I’ve told you lately how ravishing you are looking. Your hair is so shiny and I love those shoes.

If you’re a regular ’round here, you know that it’s been kind of a bumpy year for my family. There have been long periods of silence here while we did crisis management, and even since things have “normalized” somewhat, my work time has been cut back quite a bit, and so things haven’t been quite the way they used to be. Throughout it all, I can say with all sincerity that you folks, my regular readers, have been unflaggingly kind and supportive and have really made me feel lucky to know you.

So I know the days of weekly contests kind of fell by the wayside in all of this, but—despite everything else going on—I knew that the week of Thanksgiving (next week!) we absolutely had to have another Big Prize Week. So consider this your heads up that 1) you are all awesome and 2) there will be a fantastic prize every single weekday next week, culminating in a little somethin’ special for Friday that I bought with my own money because I love y’all. As with the Big Prize Weeks of years past, each contest will launch in the morning and end that evening, so make sure you’re checking in every day for your chance to win.

And thank you. I wish I could send every single one of you a puppy.

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Why I love and hate Craigslist

Once upon a time, some people (possibly my husband and me) built a cool new screen porch and wanted some comfy furniture for it. But those people (again, not naming any names) may have finished up that project and realized that their funds for buying new furniture were… shall we say… depleted.

Enter Craigslist! No problem, thought those people—we will simply look for a used set of furniture.

They looked. And looked. And looked some more. Apparently patio furniture is in demand in the spring. (Who knew?) And one day a cheap set popped up, and those people pounced on the listing, called immediately, and made plans to drive over an hour to look at it. The drive was made, and the owners said, “Ooops, we should’ve called. We sold it already.”

On that day, I pretty much hated Craigslist.

Later, we, er, I mean, those people did find a set of furniture on Craigslist. They probably paid a little more than they should’ve (desperation!), but it was a decent deal and a relatively happy ending to the saga.

But today, I love Craigslist. We have been looking for a bike trailer to take camping, that our dog can ride in (stop laughing). I refuse to pay $100+ for a sidecar for the dog, y’know. Today, we snagged this Burley bike trailer, barely used, for—I hope you’re sitting down—$40. (In case you didn’t feel like clicking through, retail on that trailer is $529. I’ve owned cars that cost less.)

What’s your best Craigslist deal? Go ahead, brag about it.

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