Hello! We survived Christmas!

By Mir
December 29, 2015

Hi there. I’m not dead! I’ve just been enjoying some time off and was reluctant to come back because it turns out that I could happily fill my days with books, movies, playing with my dogs, and nagging my family. Who knew??

I hope everyone’s had a great week and had a lovely holiday, if you celebrated. After months of careful shopping and selection, 50% of my children were thrilled with their gifts. The other 50% promptly purchased a cell phone upgrade with their own money, so, whatever, that’s a win, too, right? Let’s pretend it was.

My best finds this holiday season?
1) Quite a few Amazon Lightning Deals, particularly on clothing and shoes when I could combine a deal with an existing coupon, both because the prices were great and because of Amazon’s free returns. One pair of shoes I bought my husband was too small, and no problem—I sent ’em back the day after Christmas and the replacements are already on the way.
2) The computer of my son’s dreams, snagged as a certified refurb for way less than retail.
3) These Samsonite bags, which are soon to be filled and headed off to college, and will now be my go-to gift for graduates because they’re really nice and super affordable.

How was your holiday? What did you either get or give that made you happy?


  1. Barbie dream house snagged for a great price was a joy to give and has been played with tons. I did see it cheaper for Black Friday, but it was in-store only, my closest store wasn’t going to have them and each store was only guaranteed two, I think. You, Pretty Mir, were the reason I could nab it stress free.

  2. Meccanoid G15 for $100 at TRU is a hit. 600 pieces of robot later, we have a walking, exercising, talking, learning robot.

  3. I thought it was odd, but it made me happy, that my daughter loves loves loves her new long johns!

  4. I was sure I would be returning the two Tommy Hilfiger Squall jackets I bought my 21 & 23-yo sons, but they LOVED them and the fit was perfect. Got them on a Lightning Deal for $20 each. Score one for Mom!!

    Christmas Day, my son said as we were heading out the door, “oh, good I can wear my new jacket”. Sorry, Joe, it’s 74 degrees out!! (Northern NJ) LOL

    Very Happy New Year to you Mir and your family!!

  5. Amusingly, one of my girls went old-school and asked for “the biggest box Santa can find” — and she has been thrilled with the appliance box I picked up for free at the local hardware store! Free and dependent on imagination – that makes me happy!

  6. My kids were very happy! Son has been playing lots of Lego Dimensions, gotten with a deal thanks to you, and my daughter is loving her ukelele, which she doesn’t need to know came free with her Daddy’s new guitar.

  7. a few years ago I snagged the first Lego Harry Potter Wii game, thanks to you. This year my kids have finally started reading the books, so this seemed a good gift – and they were thrilled!!

  8. We took my mom to the Christmas Revels. It was her first time, and she loved it!

    • What is that, Dave? Sounds… festive!

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