Is it too early to talk about Advent?

By Mir
April 10, 2007

Ooooh, I was just checking the sale items at Lego and they have a really cute CLIKITS Advent calendar on sale. (Yes, it says 2004 on it, because they do a new one every year, but there’s nothing year-specific about it, I promise.)

There’s other stuff on sale, too, of course. Just digging that calendar at the moment.


  1. If I thought I would remember that I bought it, and we didn’t have mice in our basement (can’t believe I shared that!) I would be all over this. I am on the fence about it right now. Thanks for the great deal!

  2. I would love to get it, but I’m having a hard time hiding all the loot I got from the Amazon toy clearance you posted awhile back, lol! My daughter would love it, that’s for sure. Her friends got a playmobil advent calendar and she was SOOOO jealous. Maybe I should just get it anyway.

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