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By Mir
April 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s been days since we had a good coupon code, hasn’t it? I was having withdrawal. Tremors, dry mouth, and a yearning for discounted steak, I tell you.

Well, help is on the way! Through tax day (that’s April 15th, in case you’re living under a rock), you can take 50% off your order, plus automatically receive a free, bonus $10 certificate with every order! Just use coupon code REWARD at checkout. That means you’ll pay just $5 for $35 worth of certificates.

Feel free to invite me out to dinner with your windfall.


  1. ACTUALLY, tax day is April 17 this year. ;o)

  2. I’d love to take your family out for dinner (Otto, too). We have some fabulous Mexican food in my town, but they don’t offer coupons on I’d take you without the coupon, though; it’s that good. 😛

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