“Get up, sweetie, you’re on fire”

By Mir
April 11, 2007

Have you seen those investigative news shows where they prove that children do, in fact, sleep like the dead? Generally they show a little “test” where a family’s smoke detectors go off in the night, and the parents are running around with their hands over their ears, begging for mercy from the *BLAAAAAAAAAAAAP* of the alarms, and then they show the children sleeping peacefully, unbothered, completely not registering that even the neighbors have been woken up by the shrieking alarm.

It was thanks to such research that things like the KidSmart Vocal Detector was developed, because a child will wake up to a familiar voice even if a siren doesn’t rouse them. (What, that seems weird? Kids will eat paste; don’t try to use logic, here.) If you’ve been needing new smoke detectors, anyway, that’s a great price on one or an astounding deal on a package of eight (I even added the current 8% off coupon into the links there, for you) on ’em.

I just wonder what sort of message you could record that would get the kid up without scaring him half to death. (Perhaps my usual morning greeting: “Rise and shine, Captain Bedhead!”)


  1. What a deal on this great product. Sucks that we just bought 4 new units and installed them just last month. Still, I might just get them anyways.

    That being said, both my kids wake up shrieking when the alarm goes off. We have been in two different hotels when a smoke alarm was set-off in the middle of the night. They were both screaming, pulling on their shoes, and trying to run out the door while we were still trying to figure out what in the hell was going on.

  2. We had this freaky incident this summer where we had a whole bunch of bats and wasps in the house around 1 am and I was screaming right outside my kids door because the bats kept flying around and the kids (not even one of the four) woke up at all. (just don’t even ask how they got in, it’s just too stupid)

  3. I thought about getting these when I saw them. But my daughter seems to have an innate ability to tune both me and my wife out when she is sleeping.

    The dog does wake her up however, so maybe I could record the dog barking. hmmmmmm…

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