More sale action at Kohls

By Mir
April 11, 2007

I know, I know—how unusual! A sale at Kohls! I mean, really, who could’ve seen that coming?

Here’s the lowdown: Now through Monday, April 16th, Kohls is doing coupons for cardholders. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Although I counsel against loading up on store credit cards, if you shop Kohls regularly you must get their card to get the best coupons.) Flyers have been mailed out and you may have received a code for as much as 30% off. What I can tell you here is that you can use coupon code GRAND15 for 15% off with your Kohls card. (I’m not allowed to post the codes for higher percentages off. And if you post them, I have to delete them. Play nice, please.)

Even if you don’t have a Kohls card, enjoy flat $5 shipping on your entire order, or—better yet—free shipping on orders over $75. Don’t forget that you can return items to the store, if you have a local one, free of charge.

And don’t forget to check the clearance. Not that you would. You’re too smart and pretty to overlook that.


  1. Awww I have my cart loaded up and I have the 20% off code… but I’m too darn cheap… I want the 30% code. grrrrrrr lol… I’m trying to reason with myself that it’s only another 10%… but it makes a bigger difference when you’re buying alot.

  2. I’d imagine that if you know what the 20% off code is and you know what the 15% off code is, then you can probably figure out the 30% code… Has anyone tried it? Do they check?????

  3. I tried a few different ones and they didn’t work… but no worry for me… great detective work paid off and I finally found it!!! Yay! Took my discount up to $36 off!

    Stocked up on clearance stuff for my daughter for next year and a few birthday gifts for people.

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