An antidote to toilet fish

By Mir
April 12, 2007

Lovely and alert reader Jodi wrote in after yesterday’s post about the fish tank toilet to let me know that tricking out your toilet could, in fact, be environmentally friendly.

Check out these Japanese commodes. My favorite is the first one, with water being recycled from hand-washing to use as flushing water. Jodi favors the toilet with alternate flushing modes.

Neither of them involve aquariums, though. Sorry.


  1. You can get one of those in the US now… they’ve been in Japan for decades.

    We just moved into an old (1916) house with a toilet in a tiny room off the kitchen. No sink. You can bet that one of these babies is going to make its way to the top of its toilet tank– washing bathroom hands in the kitchen sink is yucking me out.

  2. Anything that saves water AND encourages my children to wash their hands has to be a good thing.

  3. Having lived in Germany, I am very familiar with the dual flush toilets. They are definitely worth having around. I absolutely loved our bathrooms in Germany…the toilets were mounted to the walls, leaving space beneath so the floors could be easily cleaned. The flush panel was a huge oval disk, that could be held down for as long as needed. Direct water line…no tank involved. Quite conservative.

  4. My parents got the japanese hand washing ones, the kids love ’em. Environmental and the right level for the kids. Only thing is they run a long time so my son feels like he has to stand there until the water finally stops running 🙂

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