Friday, you saved me

By Mir
April 13, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yesterday we had an ice storm.

Let me repeat that. Yesterday, on the 12th of April, we had an ice storm. I lost my internet connection for about 16 hours. After about two hours on the phone with Comcast, they credited my bill $50. Because that totally made up for losing most of the day of work. Hence I will be searching the Amazon Friday Sale for a bulk package of voodoo dolls, today (I’m looking at you, Comcast). Ahem.

Eat too much Easter candy this week? No problem!

Holy crow, those are some nice, cheap towels. Don’t forget that if you buy 3, the 4th one is automatically free.

This is nice but I think the name is misleading; I seriously doubt there’s actually a bed in the box. (If there is, that’d be a big box….)

I… don’t even know what to say about this.

Ordinarily I’d say something about this set like “put it away for next year” but did I mention the ice storm?

Need cookware? Check out the cheap Circulon. I love mine, and not just because it leaves teeny grooves in all the food. That’s just a quirky little bonus.

And last—but certainly not least—say it with me: Scooba! Or, go remanufactured: Even cheaper Scooba!!


  1. I got my reconditioned Scooba for the Friday sale two weeks ago. It is awesome. My husband is shocked that it really works. It’s so nice to finally have clean floors again and NO BACK ACHE from mopping!

  2. One of these days maybe I’ll get me a scooba. Right now, I only mop a small kitchen, two bathrooms and an entryway. They take about 20 minutes to do. The pain in the butt part is clearing out rugs, bath mats, trash cans, etc, to get the entire floor. Don’t suppose the Scooba does that?

  3. okay – can you explain this to me? On the towels page: Other related searches: Weber Silver Grill cover.

    How in the world is that related to towels?????

    But they sure are nice!

  4. I am so tempted on the reconditioned Scooba. My husband just took out the carpet and refinished our hardwood floors in the living room, and that is a large room. I do NOT want to have to mop it.

  5. While someone is explaining Linda’s question, can I get this one explained?

    On the bed-in-a-box set, why is the price for Queen $99.99 and Full is $109.99???? This makes no sense to me.

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