Just a brazen reminder

By Mir
April 13, 2007

I’ve been told that the reason Want Not should win a Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Shopping Blog is because “anyone can write about cool stuff with no price limit.” The implication, I think, was that it’s harder to write about cool stuff within a budget. Or possibly that I’m fabulous. Or maybe it was just that I’m a cheapskate.

So if you would like to cast a vote that would be greatly appreciated, plus if you tell me that you did I’m bound to tell you how pretty you are.


  1. already did! because seriously, you have saved me a good bit of money since I found your site. AND you are very pretty and I’m all shallow like that.

  2. Ok, i did. Now, how pretty am I?

  3. Done- because I love your website and because that’s reason enough!!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Voted for you for Want Not and WCS.

  5. Happy Friday!

  6. Why of course I voted for you! Anyone who can give us good deals despite an ice storm is awesome.

    I’m up against WCS in parenting, I’m preparing to get trounced. 😉

  7. voted for you, of course 🙂 GL!

  8. I voted for you, too! I haven’t brushed my hair today…am I still pretty?

  9. Hey, I just found this site of yours for the first time! I love it, I’ll go vote, too!

  10. I voted for you! I have saved some good money because of this site!



  11. definitely voted for you. i love that the deals you blog are actually affordable.

  12. You were the first blog I thought of nominating, and I voted for you. But please don’t tell me how pretty I am, because I’ll never be as pretty as you are, Mir.

  13. Yep, voted for Want Not – some of the deals are SO affordable (like, FREE!) that even I can do them, who can beat that? And all with a great sense of humor thrown in.

  14. Of course I voted for you – with such good deals, freebies, and such prettiness all in one place, who else would I have voted for???

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