Here’s a deal, now that I’m dogless

By Mir
April 14, 2007
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Back when I had a dog, I used to take him out before bedtime (on a leash, because he would take off if he heard so much as a mouse sneezing in the next county) in the dark, and although it was my house and my yard I would invariably end up tripping over something, because I am graceful that way.

So I’m thinking one of these here flashlight leashes would’ve been useful for me. Alas, my poor battered shins never had a chance.

It’s just a dollar (the leash, not my shins) and shipping is two dollars. Not a bad price to avoid maiming yourself in the dark while Fido does his business.


  1. What a nifty thing! We just got a puppy and I carry a flashlight at night to be sure any night time deposits are removed from the neighbors yard. This will free a hand so I could hold hands with my sweetie while walking the puppy.

  2. Cute. It wouldn’t work for my (dwarf) rabbits, though.

  3. I ordered these and they look great! Not to mention the company ships very fast. I ordered the same day this link was posted and the leashes arrived today (4/17) already.

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