I’m running out of titles that mean “go eat”

By Mir
April 18, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey! Guess what! If you guessed that it’s the third day in a row that school is closed here due to flooding, you’re right, but that’s not what I’m talking about. (Perhaps my earlier post about buying wine makes more sense now…?)

But more than that, Restaurant.com has another coupon out! I know! That’s so unusual!

So go get your dining certificates and save a bundle. Just enter code SPRING at checkout to save 50% on your order (making $25 certificates a cool $5). Offer expires April 21st.

And remember: Friends don’t let friends eat out at full price.


  1. I think the sales happen more often than the regular prices now.

  2. You know, it seems ridiculous how often they have a sale – almost every week! BUT, the lovely Mir is right, there is absolutely NO reason to ever pay full price to eat a restaurant again!

  3. Except if you live in the middle of no where…

  4. though birmingham, al doesn’t seem to be the middle of nowhere, there are only 3 restaurants listed for my area. Funny. I might have to try one of them, since we’ve never been there.

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