Time for shoe therapy

By Mir
April 18, 2007

When the going gets tough, the tough buy new shoes. I’m pretty sure it’s a law.

If you’re buying some shoes at Shoebuy today, you can use coupon code msncm04182007 to take $10 off your order (no minimum purchase required). I have no idea how long this coupon will last, but I’d advocate jumping on it quickly if you’re interested. Juuuuust in case they decide to pull it.

Free shipping and free returns, of course, so it’s utterly risk-free. (Well, unless you order something you shouldn’t and then keep it because you can’t bear to part with it. That could be a problem, I suppose, but we can’t blame that on Shoebuy.)


  1. Woohoo, I love shoe sales! My newly-toddling son needs new shoes and they had Robeez (sp?) on sale. With the discount, they were about the same price as the cheapie knockoffs I’ve been buying from Target.

    Thanks Mir! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip! Just bought my husband some shoes for Father’s day! Love $10.00 off and free shipping.

  3. Does anybody know if you can use this coupon on more than one order? Sure would be nice to save $10 on each pair!
    Thanks pretty Mir!

  4. It appears to work if you place 2 separate orders! I payed with my credit card once and my husbands paypal account the second time. And I put the second order in my daughters name just to be sneaky. And cleared the cookies, etc from my computer between orders in case they had a program that checked for something like that. Anything to save an extra $10!!

    Thanks again Mir! You are SOOOOO pretty!

  5. Got in this morning and ordered sandals. Actually received $12 off, not just $10.
    Wanted to try the new thong style Crocs (w/out paying full price) so I got those. Ended up being $17.95 shipped!!
    Woo Hoo!
    Thanks AGAIN Mir (you are so pretty)

    PS – Tried to order again this afternoon and code does not work any more.

  6. I just tried to order shoes with this code and it no longer works. However, I googled “promo code +Shoebuy” and came up with a better deal. Type in ANNIVERSARY07 and get 20% off your order (expires 4/30). I saved $13.00 on the sandals I ordered.

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