Fruity Cheerios contest

By Mir
April 19, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Sorry for the lack of posts today. Take one flooded basement, add a needle- phobic 9-year-old having gum surgery, and stir. Add chocolate and enjoy!)


Modern Mom and Cheerios are having a contest. You send in a photo or video of family members enjoying Fruity Cheerios (your kids? the dog? it’s not clear) and if you win you get a case of—what else?—Fruity Cheerios and $500.

Heck, I’m probably willing to Elmer’s Glue Fruity Cheerios all over my youngest for $500.

Maybe I could turn all of our Fruity Cheerios into little boats and release them down the basement river?

I should stop giving away all of my brilliant ideas. You go work on yours. May the best fruit loop, er, Fruity Cheerio, win.


  1. How about a picture of a young boy using Fruity Cheerios for “target practice”?

  2. Oooooohhhh…I once won an instant win contest from Kellogg’s and it was so exciting to get a big case of cereal delivered to my front door! Woohooo (for those of us who never win anything)!! 🙂

  3. Oh Noooooo, not your basement again! And that’s WITH a sump pump!? There’s no showings in the next week or two, are there? Were basement things packed up yet? Aren’t an impending wedding and move enough to freak out about by themselves, for goodness’ sake?

  4. Well… given that my boys both hate Fruity Cheerios, I don’t think we’re winning this one! Unless pictures of children pretending to gag and throw up after one taste of their cereal is cute in the judge’s eyes!

  5. I would pay money to see you glue Cheerios to Monkey! That sounds like a great Halloween costume!

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