I’m writing this from my porch

By Mir
April 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The sun has finally come out and I am joyful once again. Spring may have finally arrived. Woo!

If you’re experiencing similarly gorgeous weather, please go outside and enjoy it (and maybe don’t take your laptop out with you like a big dork; I’ve got all the dorkitude the world needs covered right here). But if it’s gloomy where you are, or you have some very important shopping to do, perhaps you’d like to take $30 off your $250+ Overstock purchase this weekend. Just a friendly suggestion. (Link/coupon expires midday on Monday, April 23rd.)


  1. Yay for gorgeous weather — we had all the windows open in our house all day today. The breeze was great!

  2. I want to respond to you, not to the sale, simply because I’m sitting in a McDonald’s on the New York Thruway (free wi-fi at all of them!), tiptyping on my laptop, also like a big dork, while my driver sleeps a little). But reading you.

    It’s time for us pretty dorks to show some solidarity!

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