Deals at Chadwick’s

By Mir
April 24, 2007

I have a real love/hate relationship with Chadwick’s. I can’t figure them out. I’ve gotten a few things there that I love; well-made, natural fibers, relatively cheap basics. And then other times I see stuff in their catalog or online that make me wonder whose grandma is buying that stuff. But thanks to Nani for alerting me to some sale action that’s going on there right now.

(This preface is to say, don’t assume there’s nothing there for you if you’ve seen a few things you didn’t care for, because they’re not entirely consistent and, also, SALE!)

Here’s a few coupons for you if you want to go check them out:

CHAPRIL2 — take 30% off one item
CH3FREE — buy 2 items, get 1 free (can be used for up to 4 free items!)
CHAPRIL4 — take $20 off your $200+ order
EDITED TO ADD: CHLAST will apparently give you 40% off and free shipping on one item (although folks are reporting it can be used more than once), but I don’t know how long this one will work.

Additional info: Coupons cannot be stacked, so figure out which one gives you the best discount and go for it. All of these codes expire on April 30th, 2007. Steer clear of the polyester, elastic-waist pants.


  1. I’m with you on the wide range of stuff from nice to nasty. But the good stuff is really well made, fits well, all that. And there are no cashmere t’s with huge polka dots for $90, marked down from $160, so sales are real.

  2. Hey! My Grandma bought that stuff.

  3. I got 9 things for just over $60 total using the CHLAST code. I purcahsed each thing seperatly and though it’s a bit of a pain to check out 9 times, and my husband will probably FREAK when we get 9 packages, it saved about $40 plus any shipping charges! Go take a look. You can get some really good basics like tee’s and cardigans!

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