A nice little incentive

By Mir
April 25, 2007

Ordered from Lands’ End lately? If you have, check your email. They’re sending out free shipping codes (with unique PINs) to customers. Because they’re pretty, there, at Lands’ End.

I was also reminded by pretty reader Bec today that in the Overstocks section there’s still a pretty good assortment of women’s bathing suits under “Not Quite Perfect.” This might be a good time to go have a look, for the dreaded bathing suit season is nearly upon us.

As sad as it makes me to bare my thighs for anyone, I do pink puffy heart my Lands’ End swimsuits. Worth every single penny, as swimsuits are one of the things I will always advocate spending a little extra on. It’s not a savings if you won’t wear it or it’s trash at the end of the first season. I’ve had one for 5 years and another for a year and they’re both still going strong.


  1. When I was last pregnant I had a maternity suit that was 2 pieces but non-revealing (full-coverage bottom and a halter top that was long enough to cover belly). I’m so glad that this variety of suit finally seems to be gaining popularity outside of the maternity world. They don’t have the colors I would normally choose, but for those prices, and considering how seldom I swim, it just doesn’t matter.

    bec 😀

  2. and remember that they love you so much at Land’s End that they even want you to be completely satisfied with Not Quite Perfect items. You can still return them, even if they don’t work for you and remember you can return to Sears stores. I ordered two tops and two bottoms because I wasn’t sure what size I need or style I want. I had them shipped for free, can try them on at home and return them to a local store. You can’t beat that. Plus, you can get both pieces for about $20 total.

  3. I need one of those industrial-grade suits all the grandmas wore back in the 60’s. Or maybe just go for the REALLY full coverage of 100 years ago . . .

  4. Funny… Not Quite Perfect could describe my swimsuit AND the body it covers…

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